RSC-HKI Membership

RSC-HKI Membership



The Indonesian Chemical Society (HKI) has made an agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in December 2018. The agreement allows to get 50% reduction of membership fee of RSC for HKI members who are put forward by HKI.



Please find the attached documents of 2019 membership subscription form, along with the terms and conditions. Please complete the forms and return them electronically to HKI secretariat will send your application to RSC with a recommendation letter.



The category that HKI members should apply for depends on their level of qualification and experience in the chemical sciences:
(1) If you do not have a degree level qualification in chemical science, you should apply for Affiliate membership.
(2) If you have a degree level qualification but have had it for less than three years, you should apply for Associate.
(3) If you have had their chemical science degree for more than three years, you should apply for Member.
(4) RSC also has top level of membership, Fellow, which is for those who can show significant career progression and have been in a senior role for more than five years.



Different categories have different benefits so it is worthwhile choosing the category appropriate to level of qualification and experience.  If anyone needs any help, HKI members may consult to and please mentioned your HKI Virtual Account (VA) Number.



Documents for applying the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC):
Application form 2019.pdf
2019 Term & Condition.pdf